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About Future Point

Future point was established in 2004 with a vision to develop skills in children-Mental arithmetic, communication , social and artistic skills.

Our Vision: Become a leading institution by offering excellent training and development programs for children to help them succeed and achieve their potential. We aim to make a difference to every child enrolled with us.

Give Your Child a Winning Edge

Abacus training at UCMAS helps children to develop their skill and confidence to work with numbers early in life.Besides knowledge, skills are crucial to succeed later in life. Skills can only be acquired from professional training and practice over a period of time.

Mental Arithmetic training enhances the child's latent mental power at an early age and develops their intellect & memory which is important in building a strong academic foundation. UCMAS trains children to be competitive through the early years by encouraging them to participate in National/international competitions.Parents must encourage their kids to ensure regular practice at home & enrol in these competitions.

We at Future Point with a team of committed Instructors are giving children a good head start in life through quality intellectual development-The UCMAS way. Our successful step by step guidance and motivational teaching method is very effective and Instructors ensure that learning is made easy and enjoyable in a pleasant environment.

*Pick & drop facility available in Deira Residents

Parents Feedback

  • Our son Preyas Pradeep joined UCMAS at Future Point- Deira in the year 2010 as a basic level student and currently pursuing Higher B.We have observed enormous improvement in his numerical skills and also his ability to focus and concentrate.Even though his academic grades are good in all subjects, he always had the fear while doing mathematical calculations

    Now as a student of UCMAS he has gained tremendous confidence and accuracy when solving mathematics problems .We also find an improvement in his level of understanding,grasping and memory power.

    Initially we were very reluctant to put him for UCMAS, but we are very satisfied and convinced by his achievements after he started. We have also noticed the confidence and happiness while doing calculations.

    The instructors at the institute are very supportive and helpful. They do a remarkable job to improve his skills. The extra practice classes have also improved his speed and accuracy of the mental calculations.

    We sincerely thank and appreciate the efforts put in by the instructors at the center.

    Keep up the good work and good luck.

    Warm regards

    Praveena & Pradeep Kumar
  • Rohan had been attending UCMAS classes at Future Point in Deira for the last three years and finished all levels. Regular practice at home made him improve his speed and accuracy. He has taken part in all National Level competitions. Pursuing the course of Mental Arithmetic has made him more focused and improved his concentration. It has sharpened his memory, imagination and observation.

    In the 5th and 6th grades he got A1 certificate at the school. He scored high marks in Math exams in the 4/5/6/7 grades at school. He was part of the Neptune house at Our Own H.S. team who won the 3rd position in the Math Quiz competition held on 28 Nov 2011. Thanks to UCMAS.


    Renu & Daniel Chacko
  • When our son Divith joined UCMAS at Future Point in Deira at the age of 51/2,we were wondering if it was too soon for him but he really surprised us. He was very enthusiastic to attend classes and would come home and throw questions at us. He is a hyperactive child and we have now seen him sit in one place and finish his abacus home work. He is the one who checks the restaurant bills these days and tells us whether the total sum is correct. We are glad that we decided to enroll him in UCMAS.

    Jyothi & Deepak
  • Dear UCMAS Team,

    When I came to know about the Abacus classes at Future Point Deira(early 2010), I approached Mr.Mathew to admit my son JanelJebakumar, the main reason to enroll him was that his skills in Math was very low and not concentrating on his studies- and being below average at school. Within the first three months I could see his concentration go up, and getting good scores in Mathematics at school. In fact he scored 98% in Math and other subjects in Grade 5. He is presently in his 7th level .I take this opportunity to thank Mr.Mathew and Janel's Instructor Ms.Chandni for his success.

    Thanks & regards