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Creative writing

What is creative writing

Creative writing is anything where the purpose is to express thoughts feelings and emotions in a special and imaginative way rather than just convey information.

It is any writing of original composition with an emphasis on narrative craft, character development and self- expression. The focus will be on writing an original style as opposed to imitating pre-existing styles.

A few reasons as to why we must learn this art

  • Students can express themselves in an imaginative and creative manner effectively.
  • It build's vocabulary.
  • Students can write good essays & stories at school, competitions/exams.
  • Students can explore different styles of writing and learn the art of playing with words.
  • It encourages students to think in different way.

This program is based on the seven important genres of English language.

In addition to a wide variety of classic and contemporary texts, authentic material in the form of newspapers, advertisements, television Reports, songs, recipes, jokes would be used for reading, writing, grammar,oral work and viewing.

This program offers a superior curriculum to cater to the language needs of children from grades s5-8. It encourages demonstrations& provides tools and opportunities for children to grow as confident, articulate and competent users of the English language.

We offer both short & long term courses.

Please register your children for these affordable & interactive sessions, and open a world of self- expression to them.

How we write, what we write, what we say and how we say it - it makes all the difference, all the time.

*Pick & drop facility available in Deira Residents

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