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  • What is the Duration for our UCMAS program and at what age should one start ?

    UCMAS program consists of 8 levels with each one comprising 12 classes of 2 hours each, held once a week on weekends or weekdays.

    Ideally one should enroll for these programs by the age of 6, but children can also start before they reach the age of 12.

  • How is the program structured ?

    We have a Junior course for children between the ages of 5+ to 7 years, and a regular version for 7 to 12 years of age.

  • What is the purpose of the UCMAS course ?

    UCMAS mental arithmetic program builds a strong academic foundation for children at an early age. It is a powerful brain development technique created to help develop their latent mental skills at an early age. It aims to develop human intellect by activating both sides of the brain.Skills acquired at an UCMAS Centre supports children to react faster, think sharper, understand deeper and do better at school.

  • How can a parent support ?

    Parental involvement is vital especially during the initial levels, to get the best out of this course. Parents must be in touch with the instructors, to get feedback on the child's performance, ensure that home work gets on a daily basis, motivating the child regularly and encourage them to participate in local and international/grading competitions. This approach will certainly make a difference .It would help if your children are not involved in other after school activities during the tenure with UCMAS so that they do not lose focus/attention.

  • How do we ensure quality ?

    UCMAS instructors are trained and certified and take regular refresher courses/grading tests to ensure quality of training. They are committed to ensure that every child is monitored and develop a strong rapport with the students and parents.We have small batches of 10-15 students to ensure attention to every child.

  • How many levels should a child do ?

    To get the maximum benefit it is better to complete all the 8 levels. Since it is a long term course parents need to motivate kids to ensure continuity and ensure that time is available to them for home practice-remember 'practice is the best of all instructors'.

    • *Pick & drop facility available in Deira Residents

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