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Our Vision

Become a leading institution in children skill & talent development. We aim to make a diffrence...

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Parents' Feedback

Our son Preyas Pradeep joined UCMAS at Future Point- Deira in the year 2010 as a basic level...

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How much is the application fee and when is the submission deadline?

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In the modern world, math plays an important role as can be seen all around us. Math has been said the mother of all sciences. To foster a solid academic foundation, math is one subject which needs great attention. Arithmetic is vital for children to develop confidence in tackling numbers and develop a liking for it at an early age. Mental math can be considered to be a training tool that stimulates the usage of the right brain.

Speak Well

This is a unique course, designed to lay emphasis on two key features in a child's development Confidence building and Imagination building. Good speech and English language skills are extremely important to build a child's self-confidence. This course focuses on speech exercises, poems, conversational English pieces, news reading sessions and choral work. It takes your child to the next level of conversational English, diction, pronunciation and projection.

Art Room

We a future Point will develop your child's ability and talent in a systematic manner, taking them through the basics of drawing colourng and shading. We will also be teaching them Fabric, glass and oil painting.All these techniques will be taught by an experienced instructor to bring out the best in your child.

Creative Writing

Creative writing is anything where the purpose is to express thoughts feelings and emotions in a special and imaginative way rather than just convey information.


Robotics is an interdisciplinary branch of engineering and science that includes mechanical engineering, electronics engineering, computer science, and others. Robotics deals with the design, construction, operation, and use of robots, as well as computer systems for their control, sensory feedback, and information processing.