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Mental math-the UCMAS way

Importance of mental math in the 'new world'.

Mental math learned the UCMAS Abacus way not only stimulates the right side of the brain but also improves concentration levels leading to sharp memory and overall development. The goal of UCMAS is to develop simultaneous use of the right and left sides of the brain. Children develop powers of reasoning and their intellect throughout life.

Using the Abacus requires the use of three senses-seeing, hearing and doing all simultaneously which is similar to the VAK-visual, Auditory , Kinesthetic learning pattern which works well with children. Abacus acts as a bridge which links all the three senses.

how can one become proficient at mental math

Children ideally should start learning by the age of 6 by registering at an UCMAS centre. Learning to calculate with the help of an Abacus is an easy and effective way to introduce the subject to the children. Using the abacus requires co-ordination of the main nerves of the human body such as sight, sound and finger movement which will stimulate the growth of brain cells. The mind undergoes three main stages of development namely physical contact, logical explanation & visualization throughout the process and the abacus acts as a bridge that connects the three stages. Learning abacus will stimulate the development of the right brain at an early stage to become more creative.

Advantages of learning ABACUS

  • Gain mental Arithmetic skills
  • Learn fast image computation method
  • Improve accuracy and speed in computing or logical reasoning
  • Increase creativity, reasoning & imagination
  • Better memory power & greater concentration
  • Acquire a skill that will always be in demand

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